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Spousal support, also called alimony or spousal maintenance, is financial support that may be provided to one divorcing spouse by the other. One of the most hotly contested issues in a divorce is whether or not spousal support will be ordered, the duration of that support and how much will be paid.At the law firm of Verna B. Lilburn, we have over 25 years of experience helping families resolve legal issues arising during divorce. We believe that families are best served when parties can come to an agreement about these issues before going to court. We try to avoid the courtroom when possible by talking with you about your expectations and possible options for settlement. However, we will take your matter to court if it is in your own best interests.

Handling Spousal Support And Alimony Cases Throughout Connecticut

Alimony is not ordered in every divorce case, but considered on an individual basis by the court. The court will consider several factors in determining whether alimony is necessary, including:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age
  • Health
  • Employability
  • Potential to earn income
  • Monetary contribution of the parties to the marriage
  • Fault in the destruction of the marriage

We advise you regarding spousal support, or alimony, and help you understand what to expect based on the circumstances of your case. If you and your spouse are willing to cooperate, we can help you develop a spousal support agreement that is fair and in your best interests.

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