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Dedicated Post-Judgment Modification And Enforcement Lawyer

It is common for individuals and families to require the modification of child custody or child support if there is a substantial change in circumstances. The law allows for adjustments to these issues, as well as spousal support, when employment, residential and other circumstances change. If your custodial arrangement is no longer working for you, or is unfair to the child, you can explore a post-judgment modification of custody or visitation with an experienced family law lawyer. If your child support is no longer based on your current income, we will revisit such matters by fighting for your rights in court when necessary.At the New Haven, Connecticut, law firm of Verna B. Lilburn, we can help you modify your family law arrangement. We can also enforce an agreement or order if your former spouse or partner is not paying child support or living up to other obligations.

Post-Judgment Modification Attorney

Support orders can be modified if the suggested modification is based upon a substantial change in circumstances and meets the needs and the best interests of the child or children involved. Perhaps you or your spouse have changed jobs or experienced an income change. Maybe your child has special education or health needs that require additional support. We will carefully consider your situation and determine whether a modification to your order is possible and advisable.

If your former spouse is refusing to pay child support, or is violating child custody obligations — including parenting time — we can pursue the enforcement of those obligations. We will also explain what is likely to happen in the process and whether enforcement is possible under the current law.

Pursue The Modification Or Enforcement Of Your Arrangement

If you have questions regarding modification and enforcement of court orders, contact the attorneys at Verna B. Lilburn. All phone calls and e-mails are answered within 24 hours. Call to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation at 203-309-0717 or send us an e-mail. We represent individuals in New Haven, Hamden, and other areas across south central Connecticut.