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Some of the most emotional legal issues that any family can face are those regarding your children. Child custody and parental access are important legal matters that will have a significant impact on parents and children for years to come. It is important that the best interests of the children, and the rights of the parents, are completely protected throughout the legal process.

At the law firm of Verna B. Lilburn, we have more than two decades of experience helping families resolve child custody issues. We believe that families and children are best served when parents can come to an agreement about these issues before litigating the matter. When possible, we try to avoid litigation by talking to you about your expectations and about your options for resolution. However, as we view the courts as a place to settle cases (some of the most effective settlement agreements can be drafted by utilizing negotiation in and out of court), we are always prepared to take your case to trial when necessary and provide zealous representation.

Experienced In Parental Access Rights – Guidance From A Skilled Lawyer

Child custody can be defined in both legal and physical terms. Legal custody concerns the right to make decisions regarding the health and safety of children, including education, medical care and religious upbringing. Physical custody refers to which party will have actual physical custody of the child and whether the parental access of the other parent is quantitatively and qualitatively in the child's best interests. (Click this link for additional custody information.)

Working Together To Resolve Custody Disputes

We believe that parties in a family law matter come to better solutions when they work together respectfully. We believe that individuals can learn and grow. We will use our experience and resources to help you reach an appropriate resolution.

When parties cannot come to a resolution regarding custody of children, a family court will try to resolve the matter through alternative dispute resolution. As well as being respected litigators, we also routinely resolve custody matters through arbitration and mediation.

We also assist with enforcement when your child's other parent has refused to make his or her support payments. Our firm often revisits existing child custody orders to make certain all terms are met.

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